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Our Guarantees

Our 3 in 1 exam revision package books are done in the utmost interest of the students

to master the Tamil language and to score a High A* / A1 in PSLE and O-Level exams.

All Primary and Secondary level Sigaram materials are collated carefully with commonly tested vocabulary and grammar in top school papers to excel in tamil language and to score consistently in all school exams.

Our guarantee is that “the students consistently do Sigaram materials will moveup the grades within 6 months period”.

If grades not moving up, your child must be facing 2 major problems. We are providing solutions for these 2 major problems faced by your child.

1) Lack of Vocabulary Knowledge



Problem 1

Many children do not have sufficient vocabulary knowledge to fully comprehend the questions and write the correct answers. Those children who do not having good reading habits will face these particular problem.

Solution 1

We are support these students by giving our ‘Essential PSLE and O-Level Vocabulary list of more than 500 vocabulary words’ in our guide book. Pls order online to get the related Guide book.

2) Wrong Approach to Study

Problem 2

If students have the discipline to do our  3 in 1 package set of books with focus, memorize good vocabularies / phrases / idioms, use the clues to identify the answers followed by our right approach to answer the questions as given in our packaged items aligned with proper time management and discipline, we can guarantee for an A* / A1 score.

Solution 2

If a student is lacking these skills and needs personal attention, we will give a free trial tutoring section(T & C applies) worth SGD 100/- with our qualified Tamil teachers as a trial class, and when continued they will help to reinforce the skills required to get A* / A1 score. Please click here to register for it.

Commonly faced problems by the students:

No focus

No Time management

No discipline in completing worksheets

No consistency in performance

Not following the right approach to answer the questions

Confusion in identifying which is important

If your child is facing the above problems, the student requires close attention and guidance. We recommend to go for Sigaram one free session of trial class, there by you know how our tamil tuition class will help your child to improve grades faster with our trained teachers

Our teachers are MOE / Ex-MOE teachers, well trained and experienced in modulating their teaching style based on your child’s current knowledge. They are also well versed in guiding the students by imparting necessary skills to study smart and to provide essential study / motivational techniques. This will definitely impact your child's mindset positively and show a significance difference in your child’s performance within a reasonable time.

There are certain criteria to fulfill for our free trial tutoring section.